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Memorial Day & Remembering

Updated: May 30, 2021

Memorial Day & Remembering

Wounded Warrior Project says "The greatest casualty is being forgotten." Memorial Day is to remember and pay respect to those who have died while during active duty. It's often a difficult time for Veterans

as they remember the sisters and brothers they lost. Today was our "Healing & Empowerment" workshop #4 for the Wounded Warrior Project. Army Veteran Paul Peng and I, co-teach tips and techniques customized for Veterans to prevent and overcome triggers they may feel, especially on Memorial Day. Please consider how you can honor the sacrifices made by so many and keep alive the names and memories of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Some ideas include: · Call, text, email or visit a Veteran, active duty service member or Gold Star family as a Buddy Check. They all have someone they know who has died while serving plus with an average of 22 military suicides a day. Let them know they matter to you and they are not alone in remembering their loss. Meaningful Connections & Supportive Relationships

· Visit a cemetery and leave a coin on the headstones of military. A penny means you visited. A nickel means you trained at boot camp together. A dime means you served together. A quarter means you were there when the service member was killed. Coins will be collected to help off-set the cost of washing the headstones, maintenance of the grounds, etc.

Honor Others: The Fallen & Their Families

· Fly the American flag in a sign of unity to say we honor the sacrifice of generations of Americans who gained and secure our freedom. Yes, these flags fly at my home 24/7. Click here for short blog on this photo. Unity

· Visit a military museum or Veteran Memorial park. Read the names listed and have a moment of silence. I did this on the anniversary of USMC Cpl David M. Sonka's killed-in-action. A local Marine I never met but as a mom of Marines, I feel a special connection to him. This dog park is named in his memory. Never Forgotten

· Make an annual donation on Memorial Day to a military or Veteran organization. My favorite national non-profits are Wounded Warrior Project, USO and Team RWB. · I am Denver's Veteran Engagement Coordinator for Team Red, White & Blue. I lead weekly workouts for physical challenge and mental inspiration. Come join us if you're in Colorado on a Thursday evening! If you want leadership

and team development training with a twist - contact me about our new Adventure Retreats. We take people out of their comfort zone to create enhanced leadership skills and team productivity. Empower Each Other

For more details on the Healing & Empowerment workshop, please see this flyer or contact me for a two minute video. This specific program is customized and available for Veteran non-profits. Click for more information on Paul Peng of Sentri Institute. They provide courses in firearms, security and specialty certifications. Paul Peng is an Army Veteran, as an ex-military policeman of nine years and two combat tours to Iraq, he possess extensive experience in the realm of security operations. His work with foreign dignitaries, heading training programs for various police stations in Iraq as well as being the head section leader of his squad-based unit, has provided him the leadership and practical experience to teach effective courses on firearms and local security operations.

"Wanted to let you know that even with decades of therapy, this was actually the first time in a very long time I've felt hope and felt empowered." - Veteran, Brooke Thank you for remembering that ... Freedom Isn't Free

WE REMEMBER & I CARE If you find yourself struggling or wanting an open ear, please contact me. I truly care and am here for you.

Together, we make a powerful and positive difference in the world! Please reach out if you would like more information on the inspiring leaders we highlight in this newsletter network! And, let me know if you want to bring our empowering programs to your organization. Workshops - Seminars - Speaking - Consulting - Adventure Retreats

Abigail G. Manning

Create Awareness...Change Lives, Inc.

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