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Joint Forces Veterans Alliance administers a unique but vital program where we partner with various companies and nonprofit organizations that choose to go the extra mile to support our veterans and their communities. These tremendous companies/organizations strive to support the veteran by providing such things as services, products, training, assistance, and job placement for free or at a heavily reduced cost. Our Alliance partners are carefully selected and must meet specific criteria in order to join this prestigious program. We welcome all companies/organizations that are looking go above and beyond to support our veterans in a greater capacity. Click here for more information. 

What is an Alliance Partner?



Looking to start a new career path but not sure where to start? Activate Work, Inc. supports veterans and their family members to connect to quality career path jobs through career training, employment connections, and professional coaching services. 


Interested in a career in healthcare or skilled trades? Activate can connect you to direct-hire job opportunities with military-friendly employers and will support you with one-on-one coaching after you're hired to help you thrive in your new role! 


Considering starting a new career in IT? Apply for a tuition-free tech training program to help you gain the skills and certifications you need to launch your tech career. Then, interview with top employers in Colorado for early-career IT roles.


Your future starts today. Contact Lacey Meyerhoff at to learn more!


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SekureNation: Vets2Cyber 

SekureNation's Vets2Cyber program helps veterans that are transitioning from the military, retired, disabled, and or interested in change career pathways. This program is about support the direct training and real world experience that they would receive otherwise.


Our mission is to get the War-Fighters back in the action, but on the cyber standpoint. This program also allows us to give disabled and retired veterans meaningful employment to feel like a valued member of society again.


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Fortitude is dedicated to assisting Veterans in their search new career opportunities throughout their transition to civilian life and beyond. Fortitude has vast network of clients and relationships throughout all major industries and locations in the United States. As a result, Fortitude is able to work hand in hand with Veterans to help them find their ideal career path.


Fortitude also works closely with companies that have specific Veteran hiring initiatives. By aligning with our clients’ internal goals and initiatives, Fortitude is able to provide a custom approach and solution to attracting, hiring, and retaining Veterans. Connect with us below to learn how Fortitude can help you find your next career move, or to learn how Fortitude can help your company attract and hire Veterans.


For Job Seekers and Employers, contact us here:


Phone: 720-759-4400



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Secure Ideas: Security Consulting Services & Training


Secure Ideas currently offers no-cost Consulting and Pentesting Services to Non-Profit Charities (pending Secure Ideas' approval). For further information concerning qualification for no-cost Pentesting and Consulting Services, contact Secure Ideas at


Secure Ideas currently offers low- and no-cost courses, lectures, and webinars to Veterans, Active Duty Military, and First Responders. Courses range from understanding the fundamentals of Application Security to the techniques used to assess and exploit various applications in Penetration Testing. Course curriculum can range from virtual lectures and webinars to in-person demonstrations and labs, and are suitable for tech novices and experts alike.

For the latest discount code, please email Secure Ideas at (Reference JFVA). All free courses are available on the Secure Ideas’ YouTube Page. For a comprehensive list of courses, please visit Secure Ideas Training.


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Alliance Partner



Does you organization have a program or would like to establish a program that supports Veterans and their community? If so, please contact us to see if an Alliance Partnership would benefit our veterans as well your organization.


Click Here or send us an email to


We look forward to establishing an Alliance Partnership with you.


- The JFVA Team

Become a Partner in the Alliance!



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