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Colmery Act celibates 3 year of impactful changes

As the VA celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the Colmery Act, we are proud to see the impactful changes it has brought to education benefits. Not only has the Colmery Act helped make educational benefits more accessible to the Veteran community and their families, it has also introduced additional support programs and improvements over the past three years.

On August 16, 2017, the Colmery Act was signed into law. It contained 34 provisions, many of which enhance and expand education benefits for GI Bill students. This year, we continued to implement Colmery Act provisions, paving the way for future Veteran generations. We are proud to say 33 out of 34 provisions have been implemented with the next one being the expansion of the Yellow Ribbon to certain active duty service members in August 2022!

Since the Colmery Act was passed, enhancements to Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits have included:

Take a look at our new VAntage Point post and 3rd Anniversary Video for a deeper dive into some of the Colmery Act’s most exciting educational enhancements and highlights!

As you continue to use your GI Bill benefits, know that it is our primary objective to support you by providing you the benefits and resources you need to achieve your education goals. We invite you to explore our products and guides listed below.

Article from the VA:

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