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Joe Searcy

Founder | President | Chairman

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Joe is one of the primary founders of the Joint Forces Veterans Alliance (JFVA) and Joint Forces Hockey Organization. He served 8 years as a special operations aviation operator for the US Army, as well as deployed numerous times supporting both Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Leaving the service early due to injuries, he struggled daily with his service-connected disabilities and wanted to find something to help improve his health and well-being. Joe found the great sport of ice hockey, with it being extremely therapeutic on many levels. Soon after learning how to play hockey he decided to form an all disabled and able-bodied Veteran hockey team with one of his close Veteran friends, Mike Zimmerman. In 2017 they created the Joint Forces Hockey Organization, but that was just the beginning. He felt that the Joint Forces Organization could do so much more for our Veterans than just providing recreational hockey. Joe strongly believes that Veterans need a variety of healthy outlets to experience the prosperity, camaraderie, and support network that Veterans experience and yearn while serving.  Joe then collaborated with a few of his fellow teammates to form what is now known today as the JFVA, a nonprofit Veteran organization that offers a multitude of Alternative Therapy Support Programs (ATSPs) and Veteran support resources. 

Professionally, Joe has been in cybersecurity for over 21 years and is currently a CSO (Chief Security Officer) and cybersecurity consultant within the healthcare industry. Joe holds a BS in Aerospace Management and has a handful of cybersecurity certifications. Cybersecurity is one of his greatest passions as it is a challenging and exciting career field to work in. Not to mention, being a career where he makes a difference everyday protecting those he supports. 


Joe enjoys spending time outside with his family exploring the great state of Colorado, traveling, and grilling with his boys. However, his sole passion is playing hockey with his fellow brethren for the Joint Forces Hockey Organization.



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