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Rob Bouknight

Executive Director, Veteran & Community Relations

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Rob is a 2008 graduate of the United States Military Academy where he received his commission as an Engineer Officer in the United States Army. Rob served 8 years on Active Duty with deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan leading route clearance operations. In 2015 Rob transitioned out of the service and now resides in Denver, CO. His experience, as many veterans echo, was challenging – his sense of family and community left a void and since has pursued opportunities to Veterans and families together with their new communities. Rob is passionate about serving the veteran community and a staunch advocate for aligning resources and opportunities for transitioning veterans. He recognizes the tremendous benefit of Alternative Therapy Support Programs (ATSPs) for the Veteran population and how shared camaraderie directly benefits a myriad of mental health needs.

Professionally, Rob thrives on cultivating relationships and building professional networks based on integrity and trust. Rob is an Account Executive for a Cybersecurity consulting firm where he readily works with companies in a myriad of different verticals, both big and small, to resolve complex security requirements in a rapidly changing environment.  Rob holds a B.S. in Geopolitics from the United States Military Academy and a M.S. in Engineering Management from Missouri Science and Technology. He is currently pursuing his MBA at UNC Chapel Hill.


Rob is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time with his family exploring the great state of Colorado, skiing, and hiking with his wife and five children. He is very passionate about his faith, family, and country and fully embraces opportunities to continue serving.



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